KOMET GROUP Quality Policy

It is the declared goal of the KOMET GROUP to manufacture its products in the best quality, using the most advanced manufacturing technology, and to carry out customer training sessions that follow the most modern training methods.


5.1 Customer requirements


The KOMET GROUP focuses on the customer. By continuously adapting the product and training portfolio to the needs of the market, the KOMET GROUP aims to satisfy and exceed the expectations of the customers.


The KOMET GROUP wants to not only manufacture and supply precision tools for bore machining, but also satisfy the requirements of the labor market for suitable training. KOMET ultimately meets all expectations of the customer when it accomplishes both of these tasks with its highly qualified and motivated staff, as well as state-of-the-art production and training facilities.


The KOMET GROUP takes into account and fulfills all relevant licensing requirements, legal regulations, and customer-set standards not only in the production of its tools, but also by providing tailored customer trainings.


5.2 Environmental protection and energy use


Compliance with legal regulations for environmental protection and the improvement of energy efficiency represents a minimum requirement for the KOMET GROUP. Furthermore, the KOMET GROUP sets targets for achieving a continuous improvement in minimizing environmental impact and energy use.


The issues of environmental protection and energy savings are a part of every area of operations for all employees within the company. The compliance of relevant regulations is scrutinized, evaluated, and monitored.


The efforts regarding the reduction of dangerous substances (production and maintenance lubricant), waste and scraps (chips made of different metals, paper/cardboard, waste containing oil, sewage, emulsion fluids), emissions (heating systems) as well as the conservation of resources (electricity, gas, fuel oil, water) are to be continuously reinforced. The necessary resources are to be planned and allocated by the KOMET GROUP.


5.3 Quality management, environmental protection, and energy efficiency


By careful planning in all departments, the KOMET GROUP is able to produce the product at the quality demanded by its customers. This careful planning includes setting strict quality assurance standards, environmental protection standards, and energy efficiency standards when selecting the suppliers with whom they will work. Additionally, all procedures of KOMET GROUP are aimed at error prevention, rather than just error detection (zero – error– strategy). With an optimal operational and management structure, the KOMET GROUP work performance will continuously increase.


The KOMET GROUP will constantly adapt the workflow to new requirements for optimum performance and reliability in order processing, thus saving resources. With regular maintenance, as well as renewal and adaptation of the manufacturing equipment, the KOMET GROUP will achieve high degree of safety as well as a high level of operational readiness while at the same time reducing noise and environmental impact.


5.4 Customer Training


The KOMET GROUP has set the goal of meeting the demands of the labor market by offering training sessions on metal and bore machining topics. Modern training methods and qualified instructors are employed in these trainings. In order to assure an optimal training framework, the KOMET GROUP supplies the IDEA FACTORY+ with the necessary space and equipment. KOMET GROUP offers a training that is unique and corresponds to market standards by advising comprehensively and supporting the trainee before and during the seminar. This training concept prepares the training participant for a professional career and assures successful entry into the professional life.


5.5 Quality, environmental awareness, and energy awareness among employees


Information sharing, internal and external communication, as well as training are all significant concerns for the KOMET GROUP. Every employee is responsible for the quality of his or her work. The sense of responsibility for the environment and energy conservation is to be fostered at all levels. The common objectives of the KOMET GROUP will only be achieved in good cooperation of a motivated, dedicated, and qualified staff. Following the principle of individual responsibility, each employee contributes in his or her role to the quality, environmental standards, and energy allowances of the whole organization. All employees are encouraged to submit new ideas anytime as part of the internal suggestion system (Idea Management).


5.6 Success by quality


Each product and training session that the KOMET GROUP makes or performs without error reduces cost, and thus increases competitiveness. The KOMET GROUP ensures the implementation and the effectiveness of its policy on quality, environment, energy, and training by means of supervising, documenting, and taking corrective action when appropriate. The description of the KOMET GROUP management system is based on the integrated management system, KMS (KOMET Management System).