KOMET of America, Inc., and Cutting Tool Engineers of Pelham, Ala., celebrate their KOMET SERVICE ® Partnership with a grand opening event



KOMET of America and Cutting Tool Engineers marked the official start of their KOMET SERVICE® Partnership with a grand opening celebration on March 6. Cutting Tool Engineers is now licensed to refurbish KOMET standard solid carbide tools, as well as to manufacture KOMET special solid carbide tools.


PELHAM, ALA. (April 2015) – On an unusually cold – and icy – March 6, KOMET of America, Inc., and Cutting Tool Engineers officially commenced their KOMET SERVICE® Partnership with a grand opening ceremony and celebration. In addition to the opening ceremony, guests who braved the rare ice storm were treated to tours of the facility, live demonstrations, and hors d'oeuvre, providing an opportunity for customers to see where their tools are produced and/or refurbished.


The partnership between KOMET and Cutting Tool Engineers represents a new chapter in the ongoing expansion of KOMET SERVICE across North America. KOMET SERVICE currently has 20 Partners in Europe and 10 in North America, with a vast and growing market penetration, ensuring that all customers can have high quality, reliable tool refurbishment. With this most recent expansion into the southeastern United States, KOMET SERVICE has reached even more of its target market.


“We are very pleased to be working with a top-notch organization such as Cutting Tool Engineers,” said Tom Whennen, Director of Channels and Manager of KOMET SERVICE North America. “Together, we will increase KOMET's business along with that of Cutting Tool Engineers.”


Cutting Tool Engineers voiced similar praises about the partnership. “Working with a renowned, world-class player in the cutting tools market, such as KOMET, is an excellent way for us to expand our own market share on a more national level. Local customers have long known that every tool we touch is either manufactured or refurbished with the highest regard to quality. Now, customers across America will know that, too, when they see our name in Partnership with KOMET.”


The festivities on March 6 were only a few hours; however, the Partnership has taken months of preparation and training. As part of the transfer of knowledge that is so integral to the KOMET SERVICE Partnership, the KOMET SERVICE team has worked with Cutting Tool Engineers to train their technicians, develop a marketing strategy, and produce marketing materials. The KOMET SERVICE Partnership is a true Partnership, with tangible value-added benefits.


As a KOMET SERVICE Partner, Cutting Tool Engineers is now licensed and trained to regrind KOMET solid carbide tools to their original geometries, as well as to manufacture simple special solid carbide tools. Additionally, Cutting Tool Engineers will continue to regrind tools of all brands and manufacture the tooling that they always have. Customers are encouraged to try Cutting Tool Engineers the next time they have carbide tools in need of refurbishment or need simple special solid carbide tools.


About KOMET of America, Inc.

KOMET of America, based in Schaumburg, Ill., is the largest subsidiary of the German KOMET GROUP, a global leader in metal-cutting and boring technology and tools. Its KOMET®, DIHART®, JEL®, RHOBEST®, BRINKHAUS, and KOMET SERVICE® brands make KOMET a renowned and trusted leader in the metalworking industry, especially for drilling, boring, reaming, milling, and threading operations. KOMET has been an innovator in this industry for over 90 years – beginning with their indexable drilling tools and continuing today with innovations such as their mechatronic tool systems.. The company proudly employs over 1,600 staff throughout its 20 subsidiaries, and today maintains a presence in more than 50 countries.


About Cutting Tool Engineers

Cutting Tool Engineers was founded in 1979 with the purpose of providing a prompt and dependable source for quality cutting tool service. They have 32 grinders with appropriate inspection and support equipment allowing them to minimize set-up and turnaround time. The delivery time on most jobs is two to three weeks, which allows the flexibility to provide service for same day or next day rush jobs. A close, honest, and open relationship with their customers, along with a quality product, has allowed CTE to grow at a constant rate over the last 31 years!



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For more information, please contact:


Thomas Whennen

Director of Channels; Manager, KOMET SERVICE


(847) 923-2019


Jim Anderson

Owner & President, Cutting Tool Engineers


(205) 733-0100


Nate Butala

Marketing Coordinator


(847) 923-2106



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