KOMET SERVICE™ Partner Castelar Tool and KOMET of Canada to celebrate joint grand opening in shared, state-of-the-art facility



KOMET of Canada Tooling Solutions, ULC, and Castelar Tool, a KOMET SERVICE™ Partner, are pleased to announce the opening of their new, state-of-the-art facility in Mississauga, Ontario. A grand opening is to be held on April 15. 



MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO (March 17, 2015) – KOMET of Canada Tooling Solutions, ULC, and Castelar Tool have moved in together, sharing a 2,230-square-meter, state-of-the-art facility. The facility is larger than the former Castelar Tool and KOMET of Canada buildings combined, and features modern design and aesthetic, as well as eco-friendly and energy efficient features. The two companies – who already work closely together – will now enjoy a more immediate collaboration. 



“We are very excited for this milestone in our company’s history,” said Renato Evola, Owner and President of Castelar Tool. “Our business has been growing for years, especially since becoming a KOMET SERVICE Partner. However, we outgrew our space, and it was time for new home. This new facility is much larger, and its completely refurbished interior is a pleasure to work in. With the increased capacity and productivity, we can serve our customers’ needs better than ever before, and we still have room to grow when that time comes.” 



The new facility features Castelar Tool’s production plant as well as offices for both Castelar and KOMET of Canada’s headquarters. Additionally, there is space for meetings, conferences, and training. Because it is located only five kilometers from Toronto Pearson International Airport with easy access to major motorways, the space will serve as an ideal place for meetings with customers and business partners. Environmentally, it is several steps ahead with a lighter carbon footprint than the former Castelar facility, featuring eco-friendly lighting and HVAC systems, and building heat recovery systems that will recycle heat generated by the machines on the production floor. As in the past, Castelar Tool has noteworthy production capabilities, with multiple Walter five-axis CNC tool grinders, an AGIE Wire EDM cutter, and a Haas vf4 CNC mill. 



“We at KOMET Canada are very happy to be in our new home, and we are proud to host meetings and trainings in this modern and conveniently-located facility,” explained Joseph Tabri, President of KOMET of Canada Tooling Solutions, ULC. Although Castelar Tool and KOMET of Canada have worked closely together ever since Castelar became our first Canadian KOMET SERVICE Partner, this move allows us to have even greater collaboration, great ideas, and great work just a few steps away.” 



The companies are eager to show off their new offices and Castelar Tool’s production floor, too. Together, they will host a grand opening event and ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 15. In addition to the ceremony, guests will be treated to tours of the facility and demonstrations, as well as hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. 



About KOMET of Canada Tooling Solutions, ULC

KOMET of Canada Tooling Solutions, ULC, is a division of KOMET of America Holdings, the largest subsidiary of the German KOMET GROUP, a global leader in metal-cutting and boring technology and tools. Its KOMET®, DIHART®, JEL®, RHOBEST®, BRINKHAUS, and KOMET SERVICE™ brands make KOMET a renowned and trusted leader in the metalworking industry, especially for drilling, boring, milling, and threading operations. KOMET has been an innovator in this industry for over 90 years – beginning with their indexable drilling tools and continuing today with innovations such as their mechatronic tool systems.. The company proudly employs over 1,600 staff throughout its 20 subsidiaries, and today maintains a presence in more than 50 countries. 



About Castelar Tool

Established in 1972, Castelar Tool specializes in the manufacture and re-grinding of solid carbide, carbide-tipped, and HSS rotary cutting tools used in the automotive and aerospace industries among others. They are committed to providing tools and services that surpass industry standards by marrying their extensive experience with the use of the latest multi-axis CNC grinding equipment, ongoing R&D of cutting tool geometries and substrates, and a customer-centric business philosophy. 



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For more information, contact: 



Renato Evola

Owner & President, Castelar Tool


+1 (905) 677-3090 



Joseph Tabri

President, KOMET of Canada Tooling Solutions, ULC


+1 (905) 551-1743


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