Become a partner

Your advantage: A strong partnership with added value.


With KOMET SERVICE®, we offer our customers a network of knowledgeable, local partners who can support them with all their tool refurbishing needs, as well as new standard and simple special carbide tools. KOMET SERVICE® partners benefit from the following advantages:



KOMET SERVICE Partner brochure



New customers:

Gain new customers and generate additional sales through re-grinding business of our current KOMET customers, as well as marketing efforts and active solicitation of new customers by our sales force.




With our secure partner intranet, we provide you with access to our drawings, documents, and up-to-date technical information.

Service portfolio expansion:

Expand your service portfolio with the comprehensive re-grinding and re-coating services for KOMET Group tools while you continue to refurbish other makes of tools.


KOMET Group brand advantage:

Benefit from the association with a strong brand with a high level of awareness.

KOMET tools program:

Generate additional sales with a selected range of solid carbide tools.

Marketing support:

We develop our strategies together and we enhance your presence in the market by means of dedicated marketing efforts using the internet, public relations, advertising, direct mail, etc.


Simple special solid carbide tools:

Increase your production volume and get commissioned to produce simple special solid carbide tools for our customers, another way to grow your business.

Customized service:

Exceed customers’ expectations through our personalized pick-up and delivery service, and the ability to respond to your customers’ requests with the assistance of our field engineers and online technical support.


Territory protection:

Be the first in your region to secure the benefits of a strong network with territory protection.


Co-op purchasing:

Get access to KOMET Group agreements and benefit from expense reduction through the bundling of purchasing volumes.


Know-how transfer:

We support you with a regular exchange of information, comprehensive documentation, guidelines on the re-grinding of KOMET Group tools and regular visits by our technical field personnel.



Gain access to alternative financing and leasing for equipment through selected contract partners in order to support your growth.


We provide you with training for the refurbishment of KOMET Group tools, as well as on our product line and on the complete KOMET SERVICE® systems.




To learn more about how you could become a KOMET SERVICE® partner, contact:


Thomas Whennen


Office: 847-923-2109

Mobile: 312-813-3341