KOMET SERVICE® CountyLine Tool

Since 1984, CountyLine Tool has earned an excellent reputation for consistently providing high quality standards and reproducible results, thus helping you get the best return on investment for your tools. Dedication to excellence is our prime mission.


We are a certified KOMET SERVICE®  partner and provide professional tool processing.  Our precisely defined and strictly controlled work procedures for original re-grinding are performed on state-of-the-art equipment by highly skilled technicians.  This allows us to deliver a reconditioned tool which will achieve a machining precision of up to 100% in comparison to a new tool.

For the processing of your tools, we rely on the latest CNC grinding centers and high-precision measuring devices, This equipment allows us to manufacture high-quality, highly complex special tools that achieve minimal tolerance ranges in a fully automated operation. Our design capability, combined with the resources of the KOMET GROUP, allows us to provide you with special tools that will meet your most stringent production requirements.

With the integration of these components, as well as our access to factory-original coatings, we can offer you high-precision tools with an excellent tool life.