Your advantage for efficient production

Professional re-grinding

The original re-grinding service ensures you high quality standards and consistent results, providing for a long life and excellent ROI for all of your tools.


Original re-coating

We guarantee the original coating of KOMET®, JEL® and DIHART® brand tools. This ensures the optimal adhesion of the new coating and maximum functionality of the re-coated tool. We also re-coat tools of other brands to your requirements within a few days.


TOOLlife tool program

Select from the TOOLlife tool program of readily available standard solid carbide tools. It includes drilling, milling, threading, reaming, turning and cutting tools from the KOMET GROUP product portfolio.  


Special solid carbide tools

We support you with the design of special carbide tools. Special step drills, milling cutters or form milling cutters, with multiple blades and specific geometries, can be configured to meet your needs.


Technical support

We are your local KOMET SERVICE®  partner, your competent contact for professional tool processing in partnership with the technical field service of the KOMET GROUP. We can answer all of your questions on every aspect of bore machining.


Re-grinding service for tools of all brands

Be assured that you are receiving outstanding value for your money when using a KOMET SERVICE®  partner for the re-grinding of tools of all brands