KOMET SERVICE® Cutting Tool Engineers

Cutting Tool Engineers is a family owned tool manufacturing and grinding business founded in 1979 by Jim Anderson. The company vision has always been to provide a dependable source for high quality cutting tool service. Cutting Tool Engineers still has most of the customers with whom the company started. They find that a close, honest, and open relationship with their customers has enabled growth at a constant rate over the last 35 years.


In 2007 Jim’s son, Nate, joined the company after serving as a Green Beret. He has brought his training and experience in the Army and used it to improve quality, grinding processes, and customer service. He was named general manager in 2012 with responsibility for day-to-day operations.


CTE purchased their first CNC tool grinder in 2000 to service the newly developing automotive business in Alabama. Since then they have had many opportunities to make tools for a wide variety of industries throughout the southeast. CTE now has four Walter Helitronic five-axis CNC tool grinders and a CNC Helicheck for inspecting tools on order. As with many other tool grinding companies, they have a wide assortment of manual machines to supplement the CNC’s. CTE has a combined 100+ years of experience in tool grinding that is used to solve customers’ most challenging needs.


Cutting Tool Engineers will continue to be your local provider of tool service and as a KOMET SERVICE® Partner, they will use the Tools Plus Ideas approach to get you the repairs and new tools you need quickly.