Lightweight Lightweight Dual Cutter

KOMET TwinKom®

The modular, adjustable KOMET TwinKom®  Lightweight Dual Cutter roughing tools are designed for the diameter range from > 365 to 2000 mm with only one KOMET®  ABS-N100 interface. This provides an economical tool system for roughing, preliminary and fine turning, which thanks to its accuracy also enables the use of a fine turning insert, while the large-area facing system provides high rigidity. Only a few other elements, such as the spindle attachment flange, main body, attachment flange and cutting head are required to cover the complete application range.



  • The tool consists of a (length-) specific replaceable bridge of light construction and elements for fine boring
  • The adjustable double-cutter roughing tools are modular in design for the diameter range from Ø > 365 to 2000 mm
  • Adjustment range 70 mm in relation to diameter

Your PLUS:

  • High rigidity due to the large-area facing system
  • High cutting performance
  • High transferrable torques
  • The accuracy of the tool system also enables the use of a fine turning insert
  • Economic cutting with modular system tool components