Cutting ring

Precision through flexibility

DIHART®  cutting rings

Cutting rings have a flexible diameter range, and can be easily and accurately adjusted with the aid of the special cutting ring holders. This compensates for wear, ensuring the correction adjustment to the exact bore dimension. Cutting ring systems are amongst the most economical tools for the machining of through holes and blind bores. The cutting ring range covers a wide selection of diameters, with corresponding cutting materials and coatings for a wide range of materials.




  • Diameters from 17.6 to 300.0 mm
  • For a wide range of materials
  • For through hole and blind bore machining in carbide or cermet and with different coatings

Your PLUS:

  • Fast replacement of the cutting rings
  • Maximum productivity thanks to the high number of cutters
  • Maximum economy through repeated refitting
  • Maximum service life due to wear compensation
  • Adapters - SK, HSK, ABS®, DAH™, cylinder