Jel® BGF  3 Schneiden

Higher stability thanks to optimum support

JEL®  Drill thread milling cutter
BGF with 3 cutting flutes

The three cutters provide the optimum support in the precast hole. This enables problem-free drilling with maximum cutting values at highest tool stability.



  • For precast core holes in aluminium
    and grey cast iron 1.5xD, 2xD and
    2.5xD with shank-side chamfer
  • Diameter range from 6.0 to 12.0 mm
  • Aluminium, grey cast iron up to 2.5xD
  • Enables problem-free drilling with
    maximum cutting values in precast
    core holes
  • For angled bore exits






Your PLUS:

  • Higher tool stability
  • Short cycle times
  • Outstanding workpiece surface finish due to variation of the cutting parameters
  • Only one tool for blind and
    through holes