Chip-free thread production

JEL® and BASS roll form taps

In contrast to thread cutting, no chips are created when producing threads with roll form taps. The thread production is carried out by forming ductile materials. Materials with a minimum elongation of 5% and a tensile strength no greater than 1,000 N/mm2 are suitable for thread forming.


In addition to HSSE and HSSE Powdered Metal tools from BASS, solid carbide roll form taps are available from JEL®. The latter also features the MOREX R HSSE roll form taps with brazed carbide strips. They provide unmatched performance, especially on transfer lines, as the flexible tool body compensates for small misalignment while the carbide strips provide rigidity. 


JEL® Roll form taps

Solid Carbide and HSSE with brazed carbide strips

BASS Roll form taps

HSSE and HSSE Powdered Metal